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Il Comune di Montecarlo
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Stemma Montecarlo

Montecarlo is situated in the province of Lucca, it has extension of 1.599 hectares and it has a population of about 4.000 inhabitants. Its historical centre is still well preserved and it is surrounded by splendid walls. It stands on an isolated hill at 163 metres sea level. All around, on a slightly undulated ground there are the cultivations for the production of wine ( Montecarlo Bianco D. O. C. Is particularly famous), oil and flowers.

Montecarlo today
Chiesa di Montecarlo

Montecarlo is a centre where wine and flowers are produced and it has got well defined characteristics. Its territory, with country dwellind, is still fairly uncontaminated; the air is good and it presents an acceptable relationship between man and nature. The past activity af the Teatro dell’ Accademia dei Rassicurati is of relevant importance. The Theatre belongs now to the Council which has provided further activities such as concerts, plays and various festivals. Particular mention has to be made about the annual show of D.O.C. wines of the hills around Lucca and Montecarlo which takes place during the first week of September. You can taste local dishes with Montecarlo wine in very good restaurants.